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The Value of Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular enrichment outside of school provides a myriad of important life lessons for students and research has proven there is a correlation in activity involvement resulting in higher student achievement. The essential benefits of enrichment activities prepare children for adulthood as they learn time- management skills, leadership responsibilities, self-discipline and persistence.

Extra-curricular activities are important in developing the “whole child” as it teaches children the value of priorities, time management skills, organizational methods to be prepared and allows them to experience something new.
When children are engaged in activities they learn the value of “practice time” which is necessary to master skills which in turn leads to successful personal accomplishment. For example, learning a new sport, or how to play a musical instrument, etc. teaches children new skills and how to incorporate information, and experiencing frustration if it’s challenging and learn how to overcome their struggle.

Studies have documented their findings students who attend extra- curricular classes are goal oriented to earn their Bachelor’s Degree or higher and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better. Research has shown these students also scored in the top quartile on math and reading assessments. Participation in extra-curricular activities helps children form friendships and connects them to their school community. The number one stated reason many high school students drop out of school is they feel they do not belong. When students are participating in enrichment activities they are exposed to peer relationship dynamics within a group.
Children who are well-rounded find the benefits of successful extra-curricular participation support positive approaches in many demanding situations. Children are encouraged to learn the skills necessary to become a team-member when confronted with challenges. It is an essential aid for the development of self discipline and attending classes expose children to a variety of adults in the position of authority. Physical activities provide children to learn the importance of exercise and by taking caring of their bodies promotes healthy living while engaging in something enjoyable. A child learns best when they are actively engaged and enrichment provides an opportunity to broaden their horizons while preparing them for life.

Evidence from studies reveal that students engaged in extra-curricular activities perform on a national average 250 points better on their SAT, and are overall more involved in school. These students maintained an average of 3.0 and higher with strong school attendance ratings. Students with a variety of extra-
curriculum participation outside of school demonstrated a significant correlation in job performance. These students were found to be more self-confident, determined and more committed to working long term, as their passion fosters their enthusiasm which becomes a way of life.


Faith Lutheran School Expands Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs for 2017-2018 school year Plano school adds full day preschool and pre-Kindergarten to programming

PLANO, TEXAS – January 12, 2017 – Faith Lutheran School of Plano today
announced that the school is adding a full-day preschool option to its
program offerings. The school offers classes for preschool
three-year-olds through grade 12.

“In 1971, Faith Lutheran School of Plano opened its doors as a Lutheran
preschool serving the greater Plano area.,” said school headmaster Rev.
Stephen W. Kieser. “The school’s mission, ‘that we may present every
person complete in Christ’ is the foundation of all aspects of the
school.  During the 2017-2018 academic year we will pursue the school’s
mission by expanding our program offerings to full day preschool for
three year olds and full day pre-Kindergarten for four year olds.”

The school will continue to offer half day preschool and
pre-Kindergarten options as well.  Activities for half day preschool and
pre-Kindergarten students include morning centers such as art, science,
math and themed activities, Jesus time, circle time, playground and
physical education, snack, music, muscle room activities, fine motor
skills development and more.

Full day preschool and pre-Kindergarten students will also enjoy story
time, lunch, nap and quiet activity time, additional playground and
physical education experiences, additional learning center experiences
and additional music education.

Faith Lutheran School of Plano applications for all grades preschool
through grade 12 are received on a first-come, first-served basis.
Faith Lutheran School of Plano is located at 1701 E. Park Blvd in Plano.
For more information or to schedule a school tour, please call

For additional details, please visit

About Faith Lutheran School
Faith Lutheran School is fully accredited and provides classes from
pre-school three-year-olds through the twelfth grade.  School curriculum
is based on the classical model of education. In 1971, the congregation
of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, Texas established a four-year-old
preschool for children of the congregation. Since then, the school has
grown and opened enrollment to others in the community on a tuition
basis. The school’s educational program also includes both sports and
the fine arts. To learn more about Faith Lutheran School, please visit
the school’s web site at or call 972.423.7448